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1. Learn

Blockchain Talent is in high demand at start-ups and traditional businesses

Major multinational companies and start-ups alike demand blockchain developers, writers, researchers, and leaders all over the world. Learn about and join the blockchain workforce in a way that’s collaborative and mutually beneficial. 

2. Network

Blockchain Companies want talent with a broad knowledge base

Blockchain careers often cite a preference for candidates with entrepreneurial experience, or characteristics. BlockWise provides education that’s flexible for those seeking work experience and exposure to entrepreneurial methodologies inside and outside the classroom.

3. Build

BlockWise connects diverse talent to blockchain opportunities

We provide beginners with a blockchain curriculum, novices with real-world projects, and advanced students with employment opportunities so students can find their place and advance personal career goals. Learn more about becoming a Community Partner.

We inspire business leaders and developers to develop real solutions to real problems. Education institutions do not adapt to private sector demands. Students at Blockwise build experience working on projects with the help of our instructors, mentors, and corporate partners.

Chase & Mike

Blockwise Entrepreneur Program

These business courses are designed to guide students through the essentials you will need to understand before tackling projects in the Build-It Program or take a new job at a blockchain company. We teach you what a blockchain is, what it is used for, how it is being implemented by both large multinational organizations, and local organizations alike. When completed, you will have tangible skills to use when applying for blockchain-related roles.

What Students Will Learn:

  • Start-Up Business Planning
  • Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Etherium & Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain Entrepreneurship
  • Real World Development Skills

Whether blockchain is new for you, or you’re a seasoned vet ready to build your own Dapps and protocols, our courses will provide a foundation to build off. Our workshops and projects will expose you to real world deployments of blockchain tech that prepares you for upcoming roles in the local blockchain workforce.

We value creativity, efficiency, and motivation. We seek candidates that share our vision of an interconnected world where systems can be built to better our future. Join us on our mission to build a better world.

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The blockchain industry moves fast.

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