Samaritoken Is A Blockchain Based Token With The Goal Of Revolutionizing The Volunteering Sector In BC.

is an ERC20 token meant to be used by an org to reward volunteers with a tangible asset that records the volunteers’ time effort and expertise and places it on a publicly verifiable BlockChain

How It Works

  • Approved Non-Profits And Social Enterprises Are Invited To Submit Community Initiatives Called “Bounties” That Require Collaboration Across Non-Profits, Municipalities, Private Companies, And The General Public.

  • Upon Completion Of A Bounty, And Once Your Involvement Has Been Verified By The Organizer, You Are Awarded Samaritokens (“SAMMI”) For Participation In The Initiative. 

The Reward

  • Sammari rewards come as a trackable log of validated volunteering experiences in the form of badges and achievements. They are Spendable coins that can be exchanged for real value.

  • Rewards are donated by organizations and philanthropists. The collective reward is split among all the participants and volunteer participation is verified by a trusted organization.

Advancing BC’s blockchain ecosystem through educational workshops and collaborative partnerships.

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